About Us

Sydney’s Premier builder contributes to most of green home Australia AND remodeling contractor

Eco Installations specializes in helping a wide variety of residential customers in Sydney build and remodel their properties in a green sustainable manner. Our vision is to create buildings  that are healthier and more comfortable to live and raise families in, whilst at the same time protecting  our environment.
On each project we therefore look to utilize:

Green Products
Green Design Principles
Green Construction Practices

We look to  minimize energy dependence and improve overall comfort, whilst lessening our impact upon the environment on all our projects.

We implement energy efficient and sustainable methods and designs as well as utilizing sustainable products and techniques at every stage of the construction process.

We understand the importance of building good relationships with those we work with, based on honesty and clear communication, and are passionate about our work.
We believe that integrity and quality are imperative for the success of any project we undertake. 

Eco Installations is run and owned by Peter Marsh. His career has seen him work on construction projects in 5 continents which has influenced his perspective on how residential buildings should be built so that they minimize their impact on our natural environment.

What we do?

We work with many of the historic properties in the District to preserve their character whilst making them functional and liveable

We use the most energy efficient fixtures and designs to revamp your space into the bathroom you always wanted

Our local craftsman can transform your Kitchen into a modern, contemporary or traditional masterpiece

This is our vision statement:

To be one of the most well known and respected building companies in the Sydney for our:

  • Reliability – to save you time and provide you with convenience
  • Fairness – to save you money and provide you with peace of mind
  • Quality – to provide you with an end result to be proud of…

We know that making improvements to your home is a big investment. So rest assured that we truly do live by this vision statement and constantly refer back to it to remind us what we are striving for.

Attention to detail and constant clear communication with our clients throughout the building process has ensured that projects are completed on time and with the highest level of client satisfaction.

We measure the success of our business on the large amount of “word of mouth” referrals we receive; we feel that when a client recommends our services, it shows a true indication of their satisfaction with our quality workmanship and professional and reliable service.